I think being myself helped me survive, Urvashi

“Bigg Boss” season 6 has come to an end. 98 days of living in a house with inmates coming from different fields of work and mind-set was a challenge for all the contestants. Urvashi Dholakia- a popular face of the television industry-walked away with the prize money and the trophy this season.

When she was interviewed about her thoughts when Salman was about to announce the winner, she said, “It's unexplainable. There were mixed emotions. It was like an adrenaline rush. In fact, mujhe laga tha ki iss baar kuch alag karenge. Iss baar ek vamp winner hogi. Yeh alag hai.”

After her ecstatic win she was asked what she wanted to do with the prize money, she said, “Let me not say anything random and then get phaso-ed in it later (laughs). But like every mother would think, I would like to invest for my sons.”

Salman was always seen having his inclination for Niketan and Urvashi. There were also talks of favoritism in the show. She said, “That would be insulting for a show of this stature. You cannot make accusations or allegations that someone will win because they know that person.”

She also revealed that she had been asked to be part of the show right from the first season. When she was quizzed what made her chose this season over the rest she said, “Accepting the show now proved to be a wise move. Every move that I make, I don't regret. Maine abhi jeet pa li hai and it's good. But I have lived with the mantra, 'take it as it comes'. Tomorrow is a new day.”

She did not seem strategic on the show and she played her mind. She said, “It was 98 days, imagine. It was OK, normal, kaam kaam hota hai. I had a chance, an opportunity to know the real me. I think being myself helped me survive. My conscience and my honesty got me through.”

She now plans to do quality work on television and films. She said, “I am looking forward to doing quality work - be it in films or TV. However, I don't want to rush into anything and will take my time before accepting anything.”

She signed off by saying about her co-contestants, “….But I have decided that I will stay in touch with all my co-contestants, because they were a big factor in my win.”