Niel Nitin Mukesh breaks up with fiancé Priyanka

Fair and Handsome, Neil Nitin Mukesh splits up with his fiancé Priyanka Bhatia. Neil and Priyanka were in a relationship for almost two years and they were very much committed to each other. Their separation comes as a surprise to all. Even their parents were in favor of their relationship and both were destined to marry by the end of 2010.

When asked, Neil confirmed about the break-up, “Priyanka and I spend so much time together, so making it official is hardly going to make a difference to our equation. There’s absolutely no family pressure on either of us. In fact, God forbid, if we ever decide not to carry our relationship further, our parents will disown us.”

Neil refused to specify what went wrong between the two, “I really don’t want to discuss it but since you’re asking me, I won’t lie. It is true that Priyanka and I are no longer a couple. The parting was by mutual consent and very amicable. We’re still friends and always will be. Priyanka is still as welcome in my home as I am in hers,” says Neil, adding that there were a number of reasons behind the decision. “I can’t discuss them all but mainly my profession, namely acting, was far removed from her world. To her credit, Priyanka tried to be part of my world but it just didn’t work.”

Neil is currently staying alone in a flat in Powai but now he has decided to stay along with his parents.