Newly wedded Veena Malik threatens former live-in partner

Pakistani actress Veena Malik sure knows how to hit the news. This time she has embroiled her allegedly ex-lover in controversy.

Veena Malik recently got married to a businessman in Dubai. Soon after, her former live-in partner, Prashant Pratap Singh filed a complaint against her in the Aarey Police Station, Mumbai for threatening him. The complaint, being non-cognisable in nature alleges that she has threatened to file a complaint of molestation or rape against him, if at any time he decides to interfere in her now blissful married life. 

It all stated, says Singh, when Veena came to the city in February 2012. He had helped her out and started a romantic affair to the extent of moving in together at Garden View Building in Aarey, Mumbai. The affair was serious enough to have them both contemplate marriage. He even took her into responsibility and bore all her expenses. Therefore, it was a shock to him to learn she had married someone else in Dubai.

Singh said, ‘On December 25, I learnt that Veena had married someone else in Dubai. I called her up but she threatened me. She even called up my mother and threatened her, saying that she would file an FIR against me if I informed her husband of our past. I provided her with a mobile, all her documents. I had no option but to file a complaint against Veena. We were both looking forward to getting married but I had told her that I would only marry her after my divorce proceedings were finalized. I am shocked.’

Senior Inspector Uttar More of Aarey police station confirmed the news by saying ‘We have filed a NC complaint against Veena Malik, which was filed by her live-in partner under Section 507 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC’.

Veena Malik has addressed the situation by saying, ‘I’m too busy in my life with my husband and family to threaten people. Prashant is my employee and I pay him Rs. 10,000 a month. He works for me so one can only understand the reality of his statements. I have no idea what is his motive.’

More, on Saturday, said, ‘Three days ago, Malik got married to Asad Khan Khattak in dubai and has settles in Saudi Arabia. However, she was upset about the fact that Singh leaked her marriage to the media. According to Singh, ‘Malik called him on Saturday and hurled abuses at him. She also said she would send people to kill him.’’