New “Student of the Year” poster released by Karan Johar

The teaser of the movie ‘Student of the Year’ has been released by Karan Johar. It is supposed to be the movie of the year. The new poster captures the youthful charm of the movie.

It shows three students with their back towards the camera. Karen tweeted the poster saying “The Student of The Year teaser poster”. They are sitting on a bench with the jersey of their Basketball Team. Yes basketball team, as has been revealed by another poster, which shows a player about to bounce the ball.

The three students have jersey numbers 19, 10 and 12, which depicts the release date of the movie. The caption below the poster says the “Competition of life starts on 19.10.12”. It also gives some insight into the movie .The three of them are sitting on a bench in lush green meadows outside their schools gate. The rest of the story, Karan has left for people to speculate.

It is Karan Johar’s first directorial venture after ‘My name is Khan’. Also this is his first movie which doesn’t have King Khan in a major role. It is rumored that Shahrukh, Kajol and Rishi Kapoor may make a guest appearance. Though SRK is not playing an active role as an actor, the movie is a joint venture between Karan’s Dharma productions and SRK’s Red Chilies Entertainment.

Karan marked his debut with “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. It marked the arrival of a new GenX in the Indian Film Industry. He has once again gone back to that formula of depicting youthful energy. The lead this time is played by debutants Alia Bhatt (Daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt), Varun Dhawan (son of director David Dhawan), Kayoze Irani (Son of actor Bomman Irani) and newcomer Siddharth Malhotra. Supposedly Rishi Kapoor is going to play a gay character in the movie, as Dean Yoginder Vasisht.

The movie went on the floors on 16th August 2011. The noted socialite Parameshwar Goderej rolled the camera, at the mahurat. The movie has been shot at Dehradun, Shimla, Khasmir and Thailand. It also involved some freak incident where actor Bomman Irani fainted under the extreme heat of Thailand and Varun Dhawan injured his forehead while shooting. They later tweeted that they are fine.

The music is composed by Vishal-Shekar duo. The hype and anticipation has already built with the poster and everyone is really excited about the movie.