Ness Wadia slapped Preity Zinta?

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia’s ugly spat has grabbed headlines and few past history of spat between the two is now surfaced. It has come to know that Ness Wadia once slapped Preity Zinta at a party. Both entered into a relationship way back in 2005 and they called it off in 2009. It is rumoured that few years back at a party, the businessman reportedly slapped Preity but neither of them confirmed the news.

Preity Zinta has lodged complaint against Ness stating that she was publicly humiliated by her former boyfriend during an Indian Premier League match on May 30 at the Wankhede stadium in South Mumbai. Investigation is on and police has discovered some evidence. She alleged that Ness has abused her, threatened and humiliated her publicly. She has also issued a statement and police is waiting for her return from Los Angeles to record her statement. Police asked Preity to come down to the police station and record her statement so that they can carry out the investigation further.

Celebrities reacted in different ways to actress Preity Zinta's allegation against her former beau

Director Tanuja Chandra, who directed Preity in 'Sangharsh' said: "I imagine she must have thought a great deal about it and hasn't done this on an impulse. Like all women in the country she has every right to approach authorities if she feels her individual space has been violated. We must wait for the legal process to move forward and avoid playing judge and jury ourselves."

The outspoken Pooja Bedi wants court to settle the dispute.  

She said: "Neither Ness nor Preity come across as a liar. Both are such lovely people. So it is just very unfortunate that it's all turning out the way it is. Having said this I feel it is for the courts to pass a verdict, not us."

Neetu Chandra feels the matter is personal.  "As far as I know her, she is a no-nonsense person and leads her life with dignity. A break-up is never pleasant. Both the partners have to be very careful about preserving each other's self-respect in public after the break-up, for the sake of what they shared in the past."

Veteran actress Moon Moon Sen feels the two should sit and sort out the dispute.

"Maybe there's a history of abuse and now it has erupted in a public place to embarrass both of them. Surely the two can sit down and sort it out. No matter how we look at it, it is entirely their business."

Movie guru Shailendra Singh finds the incident unfortunate.

"It's unfortunate that a girlfriend-boyfriend fight has national importance. There are far more serious matters awaiting the nation's attention."