Ness Wadia likely to face police questioning soon

After Preity Zinta lodged police complaint against former boyfriend Ness Wadia on 30th May for harassing her in public, the case has went on to become one of the most followed events in the media. Although there were attempts from some people close to the warring duo to settle the matter out of court, Preity Zinta reportedly refused to let the matter go. After returning from USA last week, Preity actively co-operated with the Police for the investigation and also named several eye-witnesses who were present at the spot when Ness Wadia allegedly abused and physically harassed his ex-girlfriend and current business partner Preity Zinta.

As per latest reports, Police has recorded the statement of almost all witnesses named by Preity Zinta and is now getting ready to question Ness Wadia soon. As per police sources, the questioning will most likely take place during this week. A police officer close to the investigation said, “All this time we were busy recording statements of people who were present at the spot. Now we are going through the statements and will summon Wadia." However Ness has not been sitting idle all this time. Sources close to him have revealed that he is preparing a list of 30 witnesses who will help him to present his side of the story.

However the source also made clear that Wadia will only give the list to the police when he is called for questioning not before that. The source said, "However, we will not be approaching the police on our own. We will submit this report only when we are called for questioning."  The names that feature on Wadia’s list have been kept secret but it is expected they are the ones who were present at the Garware Pavilion of Wankhede stadium during the time of the incident and also some people who were present at the IPL auction where Wadia also allegedly verbally abused Preity.

Ness Wadia has claimed that though there was an argument between him and Preity, there was no manhandling or abusing. The source close to Wadia also claimed, "Many witnesses have already corroborated this point." The police have decided to take it slow and steady and not to rush into anything since this is a hi-profile case with lots of media coverage. The officer said, “We are not in a hurry. We will see the evidence and hear both sides and witnesses before taking any decision."