Ness Wadia did not grab Preity's hand, says witness

The much talked about Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia case has taken a new turn recently. Few days ago, Ness Wadia had submitted a list of witnesses to the police. This was perceived as a kind of response to the naming of several witnesses by Preity Zinta. One of the witnesses has said that she saw Preity and Ness having a conversation on May 30th, the day of the alleged incident but no argument or man handling.

Ness had put on nine names in the witness list. He had requested police to record the statements of theses witnesses. The nine people are, Anneline Adams, Serieka Lal, Pooja Dadlani, Loretta Joseph, Farah Oomerbhoy, Sharat Nath, Sweetie Burman, Kamlesh Shah and Rayaan Mustapha. Out of the nine, Farah Oomerbhoy and Pooja Dadlani have given their statements to the police.

Farah Oomerbhoy has said to the police that she was watching the IPL match from Garware Pavilion in Wankhede Stadium and no heated argument took place between Ness and Preity. She also did not see Ness grab Zinta by her arm on the day of the alleged incident. She said, "Around 30 minutes into the match, Ness went to Preity and leaned over to have a conversation with her after which he just walked away. I couldn't hear them due to noise (in the stadium). But he was leaning over her seat as if to speak to her softly. I didn't see anything that made me to feel that Ness was speaking to her loudly. I didn't see any argument happening between the two."  She also added, "At half time, I, my husband and son went to the air- conditioned box, where Ness was standing with his family members and friends. I was standing with Ness' mother and his sister-in-law. All seemed fine between them (Preity and Ness)."

The other witness Pooja Dadlani has said to the police, “I did not hear anything or see anything that indicated there was an argument between Ness and Preity."  Preity Zinta filed a police complaint back in June and accused former boyfriend Ness Wadia of abusing, molesting her during an IPL match between Punjab and Chennai on May 30 at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. However Wadia has dismissed the charges from the beginning. Despite this incident Wadia and Zinta are still co-owners of the Kings XI Punjab team. Preity had named several witnesses in the case and their statements have already been recorded.