Neetu-Rishi fight and argue over Ranbir

When a couple belongs to the same profession, it is obvious that they get into heated argument as whom their offspring is inspired from. Neetu and Rishi Kapoor caught into such similar argument on the reality show ‘Chotte Ustad’ when they spoke about their son Ranbir Kapoor who is touted as the star of the next generation. They appeared on the show to promote their new flick ‘Do Dooni Chaar’, the couple will be seen first time on screen together after 30 years.

Today, they are proud parents. Ranbir is doing great in his career and every big banner and filmmakers are crazy to cast him. Recalling the jovial fight between the husband and the wife, an eyewitness says, Rishiji felt that Ranbir had taken after him while Neetuji debated that he was like her in many respects. It was quite cute to see them sweetly fight over their son. The camaraderie they share reflected three decades of togetherness and love.”

The argument ended with the conclusion that he inherited the natural acting skills from daddy and he took up the innocence and screen presence from his mother. Confirming the news Neetu says, “It was one of those sweet debates we keep having.”

Rishi laughed it off saying, “The wife is always right. Whatever she says, is the truth.”