Poonam Pandey copies Veena Malik

There is a clear case of plagiarism that has surfaced in Bollywood recently. This time, the makers of the movie have not drawn inspiration from anywhere outside the boundaries but from within. The posters of two upcoming movies have stark similarities to each other, so much that you cannot ignore them and call it a mere co-incidence. As expected, the makers of both the movies have started slinging mud at each other and claiming before the world that each of them bore the original idea first. Who copied who is not clear yet. Going by the official statements, no one did. But the pictures tell a different story.

The movies in question are ‘Supermodel’ and ‘Nasha’. While Supermodel stars Veena Malik, Nasha’s leading lady is Poonam Pandey. Veena Malik is a Pakistan based actress who had appeared in the reality show Bigg Boss in India. Though she did not win the crown, she gained popularity and was soon signed for some movies in Bollywood and Kollywood. Poonam Pandey is a model turned actress who keeps making the headlines with promises of stripping for every little victory that a cricket team belonging to her nation claims. She did keep her promise when the team she backed in IPL 2012, Kolkata Knight Riders emerged champions.

Veena Malik has adopted a unique approach to the entire matter. She is not in the least irked by Nasha crew copying their poster. She feels that you must be really good if people start copying you. She says that we copy established and veteran artists usually. If she, or anything associated with her is copied this early in her career, it is a huge compliment in disguise. She, however hopes that the Nasha folks restricted themselves to copying only the look of the movie and not the entire movie. Supermodel director Navin Batra says he has enough evidence to prove that the Supermodel team conceived the idea of the poster long before the Nasha poster started doing the rounds.

His evidence is a Facebook post in which the poster was released. He says that the post dates back to May, 2013. In retaliation, the Nasha director Amit Saxena has claimed that they had made the poster over seven months back and even he can produce Facebook posts as evidence if needed. He has also added that the idea for the poster was conceived by them a year ago. That eliminates all doubts. The clouds have not parted yet over the issue. One has to dig up the past and find out who speaks the truth.