Nargis Fakhri denies dating Varun Dhawan

The ‘Rockstar’ actress Nargis Fakhri denies dating her ‘Main Tera Hero’ actor Varun Dhawan. Nargis not only refuted the report but said that she is not aware of the news being spread in the media. It is said that the actress came closer to Varun during the shooting of 'Main Tera Hero'.

"What? No way dude. Oh, really it's been written? I haven't read that. I don't have any idea about that. People just write stuff, right. That's hilarious," Nargis told PTI.

The actress said that she is only romantically linked with herself and no one else. She also blamed media for spreading wrong report.

"There was a rumour that I was dancing with another actor all night long in a party when I hadn't even seen that person. No offence, but people just write stuff," she said.

Expressing her idea of good date, she said, "Indian boys should learn to date properly. You needn't have to be fancy but creative. Ask the girl for a date. Do something nice. Don't expect anything - that is the main thing. Never expect anything. Have a nice time. Have a conversation," she said.

Nargis said about her good date, "I had one good date in New York. The person picked me up on my doorstep. Took me to hotels and nightclub and dropped me at my home. Can you imagine? That was the most memorable date I ever had and to me I keep that standard. You can't go any lower than that," she said.

Nargis speaks about her Bollywood journey, "It has been a very tumultuous journey with its ups, with its downs. However, the sacrifices always find a way to become worth it, and in life it is good - I am happy," she said.

"India has taught me many things - knowing yourself, learning to live alone without anybody's help, learnt to value Indian values and taught me to connect with my heart, my soul and my spirit."

Nargis wants to concentrate on Bollywood rather than Hollywood. "I plan to focus more on Bollywood because it has taken me so long to adjust. I wouldn't want to give it away and I love it here now and I feel that I am getting better. So I would stay here and make this as my priority," she said.

Nargis Fakhri said that among young actors, she liked Alia and Ranbir, "I love Alia. She is amazing. Actor - Ranbir. Everyone is awesome in their own right. So I don't like to compare because I am a Libran - I am diplomatic," she said.