Nargis drops at Shahid's residence late night

Nargis Fakhri and Shahid Kapoor’s alleged love affair are doing round the web for quite sometime. It has been reported that Nargis flew to Goa with Shahid to make all the arrangements for his birthday and both bonded strongly on his birthday. They were very comfortable in each other’s company and their chemistry raised many eyebrows. Now the latest on their relationship is that when the ‘Rockstar’ actress fell ill after late night party, she called up Shahid and the actress was spotted at Shahid’s car outside his residence.

Says a source, “Shahid and Nargis have been hanging out with the same set of friends. They have been spotted partying a few times in the city, but this was probably one of the nights where they went a little overboard and Nargis started to feel a little unwell.” Shahid however, the gentleman he is, did everything possible to make her feel comfortable.

Adds the source, “To some extent Shahid has become oblivious to the girls he gets linked up with. He really hit it off with Nargis ever since their stage performance at one of the award functions and he isn’t going to stop talking to her just because there have been rumorus about them dating.”

Interestingly, Nargis has recently denied being in a relationship with Shahid. Says the source, “This isn’t the first time Shahid has helped a female friend out. He has always been around even when Priyanka needed him. He’s a dependable guy, at least when it comes to friends.”  

Hope, Shahid's hunts for true love ends with Nargis!