Naomi, Vladimir Doronin slept apart before break-up

The supermodel Naomi Champbell and her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin slept in different rooms before calling off their relationship. Their relationship was going through rough patch for nine months and had been sleeping apart for few weeks as their arguments augmented.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "They've been fighting for a while. It's been going on for six months or nine months. They've been sleeping in separate bedrooms and split for a few weeks."

The couple leads a different lifestyles and this is the prime reason of their break-up.

The insider added: "Naomi likes to live by her own rules, stay out late, be a free spirit, while Vlad is more regimented. He is up early, works hard, does yoga and is super healthy."

Vladimir Doronin did not accompany Naomi to the Oscar event and they were last seen together on the beach in Miami in March.

A source told the paper: “Naomi and Vlad have broken up, and he’s been out partying in New York.”

Recently Vladimir Doronin was spotted at the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel, with a blonde.

Another source said: “Naomi and Vlad have a complex relationship, and sometimes break up and make up.”

The same insider added: “In many ways their relationship is like a business arrangement. Naomi brings glamour to his hotels and properties, and he treats her extremely well. But they spend a lot of time apart due to work commitments.”

Doronin is still not divorced from wife Ekaterina. They drifted apart in 1998 after 24 years marriage. He has a teenage daughter from his wife.