Namrata is ahead of Aishwarya in Dhulia's 'Charas'

Namrata and AishwaryaTigmanshu Dhulia has proved his mettle as an intelligent writer and director especially in 'Haasil'. Now he is busy in his movie 'Charas - A Joint Effort'. This is based on a subject, which has remained neglected by society. The story depicts the life of a village, which cultivates Charas, but foreigners control the...
...village business. We witnessed the shooting of this movie in Mumbai where there is a small set surrounded by wine and women on all sides. Enters Namrata Shirodkar among a crowd of young dancers on the floor. Suddenly, appears the south Indian singer Mahalaxmi rendering 'Dhuan -dhuan husn???.' Namrata dances beautifully, rendering the song quietly as Mahalaxmi is the playback singer.

Namrata's dance is worth watching. She is not far behind Aish. Dhulia okays the shot but clarifies that this is a backdrop shot only - nothing to do with the story of 'Charas'. According to the storyline, the village has some seven/eight thousand foreigners who are there without any passport or visa. They visit this village to enjoy and smoke charas. Meanwhile a Scotland Yard officer Jimmy Shergill comes in search of a young man. Also come in Irfan Khan, Udas, Harishta Bhatt and Namrata. She is a reporter of a television channel. The dhuan -dhuan song shot earlier introduces Namrata, Uday Chopra and Jimmy. The film has reached the completion stage. Tigmanshu has directed it, Raju Singh has given music and Javed Akhtar lyrics.