My fingers are crossed, says Aamir Khan

Perfectionist Aamir Khan is pinning high hopes for his directional debut Taare Zameen Par which entered Oscar. He is sure that the film which has moved the Indian audience into tears would also create some strong impact at the award ceremony. The film is a benchmark and an inspiration for the other filmmakers to make such thought-provoking subject. He has very beautifully showcased the pain and agony of a child suffering from dyslexia. After conquering the Indian box-office, the film has moved overseas to get its due credit. Its official entry into Oscar is a matter of proud for India and Indian film industry.

“My fingers are crossed,” Aamir said. He was also quoted as saying that the film has an emotional appeal and would bring tears into the eyes of the Academy members. Years back, Aamir has gone through similar feelings when Lagaan returned from the door of Oscar. What would be his impression before the jury members as his work has earlier been judged? Aamir said, “That won’t help in getting me higher marks, though it ought to get me to the attention of the members.”
There will be many films in the foreign category and the competition would really be very tough but Aamir is determined about winning this prestigious award. We wish good luck to Aamir!