My favorite is Jaya aunty, Preity

Preity Zinta at Mumbai airportThere are many in the tinselville that share a bitter relationship with the Bachchan family. But one among their friends is bubbly Preity Zinta. She always shares a very lovely and meaningful relationship with the Bachchan family and her liaison with them became stronger and unbreakable with the unforgettable tour. Preity mingled quite well with the entire Bachchan family and one member whom she holds in high esteem is Jaya Bachchan.

She quips, "But my favourite is Jaya aunty. We bonded earlier during Kal Ho Naa Ho. At that that we had gotten really close. Now it's like old times again. Jaya Aunty is my favorite member of the Bachchan family. We get along so well."

During the tour, both the ladies had a gala time together. As both are shopping lovers, they ventured each and every shop purchasing their favorite items. Preity adores both Abhishek and Aishwarya and remarks her relationship with them is above professional terms. She does not share any ill feeling or any professional rivalry with them. Speaking about the relationship that she shares with Amitji, she says, "I knew I'd be comfortable with Amitji, Ash and Abhishek. I've always gotten along with them. I did the film The Last Lear with Amitji. And we had a blast.”