My butt looks good in jeans, says Akshay

The brand ambassador of Levis, Akshay Kumar has made a laughing statement while walking the ramp for the product. He says, "To me, my butt looks good in jeans." He has made a dynamic entry with Levis jeans and bare body. Akki who walked the ramp for the first time ever has garnered everyone’s attention. Speaking about the product that he has endorsed, he says, "I have been wearing Levis since my childhood, my father has been wearing for the past three decades, everyone in my family has been buying Levis."

Chavanprash, regular workout, Parco, heavy diet is the reason behind his fit body. "Walking the ramp is very simple thing. You can do it, the cameraman can do it, anyone can do it. It's just like taking a walk and coming back. And beech mein phir ruk jao(just stop in the middle), look left, look right and then look straight. We learnt this when we were three years old," he chuckled.

Akshay who is basking in glory with his latest hit Singh Is Kinng is offered with endorsements and a Rs 72 crore fee for his next film.