Munnabhai and Circuit’s characters will be developed into comic book series

Lage Raho Munnabhai is being hugely appreciated by one and all; the sequel has received unparallel success. Even the box-office results declare it to be running successfully. Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and director Rajkumar Hirani are extremely ecstatic with the response to their film. Now there are even talks to make a comic book series based on the characters of Munnabhai and Circuit. Even actors Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi are delighted that their on-screen characters will be part of a new comic book venture.
Apart from talk of already working on the next sequel, which will involve taking the characters of Munnabhai and Circuit to America, the producer and director of the film have received offers to develop their famous and most-loved characters Munnabhai and Circuit into a comic book series and also animation films. Director Rajkumar Hirani confirms the development for a comic book series, he says “The blue print for the comic strips have already been made, we’ve also drawn some sketches of Munna and Circuit which would hopefully serve as illustrations in a series of adventures and we like what we see. If everything goes well, we’ll soon be releasing Munna-Circuit comic books for public consumption.”

The marketing for the comic books and the proposed animation films will be done by Vinod Chopra productions. Arshad Warsi who plays Circuit’s character in the film claims that his son will be extremely excited to see his father as a character in a comic book series. However although Arshad is happy that his character will be part of the comic book series, yet he is also a bit disappointed at not being given any credit for developing Circuit’s identity. Arshad is a tad peeved as the entire rights to the characters lie with producer Chopra and hence he will not be able to capitalize on his image as Circuit. Arshad is disappointed as he will not receive any direct benefits from the comic book series. He says “Recently these two kids came to me with the idea of a mobile game with Circuit as the hero, but I didn’t even ask Mr. Vinod Chopra as what’s the point of being humiliated and turned down?”

Arshad feels that the entire rights to the characters should not only lie with the producer as he was largely responsible for developing Circuit’s identity. Arshad claims that earlier the character was just a typical sidekick of Munnabhai with a different name, but it was him who moulded and shaped that inconsequential character into Circuit. Hence he too should be able to reap some of the benefits of the soaring popularity of his character Circuit.