Mother would have been very happy, SRK on French honour

The superstar of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan has been conferred with French’s highest honour, ‘Knight of the Legion of Honour’ on Tuesday 1st of June which also happened to be his late mother’s birthday and King Khan said that if his mother would have been alive, she would be extremely happy. He thanked French dignitaries on behalf of his mother.

"It's my mother's birthday. If she was alive, apart from being extremely old, she would have been extremely happy that her son has got the highest and the most prestigious honour in the world... so thank you on behalf of my mother," Shahrukh said.

The award was conferred to Shahrukh Khan for his outstanding contribution to cultural diversity across the world.

The award was created in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is the highest French award given for outstanding service to France, regardless of the nationality of the recipient.

During the occasion, King Khan also mouthed few lines in French.

"There are different moments in life that make you feel that you are on the right track and this is one such moment. I am truly humbled to receive this honour," said Shah Rukh, thanking French President Francois Hollande and Foreign Minister Fabius for finding him "fitting for this honour".

"I am a part of the Indian film fraternity and it makes me feel proud to be recognized for the field I am most passionate about. This honour has further motivated to take Indian cinema to the next level of acceptance, love and glory. And thank you France for being so loving and appreciative of Indian films, it's extremely encouraging," he said.

"The French people hail Shah Rukh Khan's talent and generosity, which arouse the enthusiasm of a vast audience across the world, transcending cultural and historical differences and bringing together people from all walks of life to his films," said Fabius.