Mother-Daughter create ruckus outside Salman's house

In the wee hours of Thursday night, a mother-daughter duo from Delhi who claimed to be producers created a ruckus outside salman’s galaxy apartment in Bandstand after they were unsuccessful in meeting the actor. 

It all started at around 9 pm when Jasmit Sethi and her daughter Amrita arrived outside Salman’s residence and wanted to get inside the house in order to meet Salman Khan. They claimed that they run a production house. They wanted to sign Salman Khan for a song in which daughter Amrita was getting launched.

The ladies alleged that Salman’s manager, Reshma Shetty asked them for a sum of Rs.10 lakhs to fix a meeting with the actor. Reshma ignored the allegation and laughed out.

Salman’s father Salim Khan said, “The women had been harassing us for three days. She claims to be related to a congress leader and wants to make her daughter a heroine. She came and parked her vehicle outside the gate, blocking it.”

A Bandstand resident said, “We couldn’t sleep in the night, thanks to all the noises coming from the street in front of Salman’s house. The traffic was disrupted and we could hear the women mouthing expletives from behind our closed windows. They had blocked the road with their car and were hitting people who complained about their presence.”

The two ladies then argued with the security guards. The guards then called the police. As soon as the police came, the two ladies got in their car and tried driving away. While they were trying to escape, their car hit a policeman bike. Then it further hit another bike. Finally police could stop their car and took them to Bandra police station.

Another Bandstand resident told that he had observed the “angry-looking” women roaming the area for a week. He said, “On Thursday, the ladies decided to take their antics one step ahead. They were kicking and punching everyone. Ultimately, we had to inform the cops.”

At the police station the second biker who was hit by the ladies’ car also arrived to lodge a complaint for rash driving. The two ladies got into an altercation with the biker and his wife. Police stopped them and booked 2 cases against them. Sub Inspector Ravi Thengle said, “Two FIRs have been registered against the two Delhi-based women, Jasmeet and Amita Sethi.”

Then they were left to go home as SC discourages arrest of woman after sunset. When police went to their rented apartment the next morning, they had fled away.