Mom Aishwarya means the world for ‘Beti B’

Newest mom of the tinselville Aishwarya Rai Bachchan doesn’t leave her ‘Beti B’ for a single minute. As ‘Beti B’ feels mom is the world for her, Ash too feels the same. She is taking her own suitable time and enjoying motherhood. Aishwarya has not even kept nanny for her baby.

 She has put on weight and least care about her looks and not even in a hurry to make a comeback. Many promising projects are coming her way but she has not committed to any one of them. Her producers are ready to wait for Ash. The diva is most probably return when her baby will turn one year.

A source said, “There’s no denying that there are several offers and filmmakers have been trying to get her to at least read their scripts, but of what we know, she’s not looking at starting any film till her daughter doesn’t turn one at least. There are several filmmakers who’ve also conveyed to her that they don’t mind the wait too.”

“She’s a completely hands-on mum and her only focus at the moment is her daughter. It’s unlikely that she’ll take up films right away, though she may continue with her endorsements as they require fewer hours of shooting. Being a thorough professional, she wouldn’t commit till she’s not ready,” added another source.

Like all new mommy, Ash is glowing and has put on baby fat but the former beauty queen is not keen on strict exercise as she wants to give her full time to darling daughter.

“She still has the new mommy glow and as for the weight, well, she can get back to shape whenever she wants, what’s the hurry?” said an insider.

“Her only reason to get back to exercising is to stay fit. She can easily get back to her pre-pregnancy shape, whenever she wants too, so it’s not something that anyone’s worried about. At present, her world revolves around her daughter and she’s enjoying the break from her otherwise hectic pace as an actor for now,” added a source.