Mohnish Behl to sell Mumbra his bungalow

Following the discovery of a two-day-old infant dead in the swimming pool of actor Mohnish Behl’s farmhouse in Mumbra last week he has decided to sell it. The incident which left the actor disturbed does not wish to hold on to the property any longer.

Quoting a source from Mumbra police, an Asian Age report says the security guard of the actor’s bungalow found the baby’s body wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in the swimming pool. The actor was extremely shocked with the news and asked his manager to call the police.

The body was sent for a post-mortem to a hospital nearby to know about its gender and the cause of death. The report added that a lady police constable prima facie confirmed it to be a girl.

Reportedly, An FIR has also been registered against an unknown individual, who dumped the body at the vacant property. The police are trying their best to look for the person.

“Mohnish rushed to his farm house and was extremely upset after he saw the body,” said the officer.

“He was present throughout the procedure. We are trying to figure out who dumped the body,” the officer added

The actor, who is the son of the famous Indian actress Nutan who passed away in 1991, says, “My parents had bought the property in 1965 and many of my childhood days were spent there. But after my mother’s death, my father cut down on his visits to this bungalow.”

He and his wife had stopped visiting the bungalow after his father, Rajneesh Behl, died in 2004.

“Ekta and I have not been there for nearly a decade now. A watchman, who is also the caretaker, has been looking after the place,” he adds.

Behl said that though an emotional attachment with the bungalow had so long kept him from selling it was not so sure now. “After what I saw on Saturday, I really don’t know what I will do. This incident will never go away from my mind. I hope people change their attitude towards girl children,” he says.

According to sources, Bhel had given up around 25 acres of land to the Thane Municipal Corporation, other than the bungalow in November last year. He adds, “The area where the bungalow stands has incidentally been earmarked for a park and a cultural centre, but I had requested the TMC to exempt the bungalow.”