Miss World title lands Ash in deep trouble

Miss World title has earned Aishwarya name, fame and paved her path to Bollywood. And now the same title is dragging her to court. Ash may not have thought that 16yrs after winning the title; she has to pay the price of this prestigious label. The Income Tax Department charged Ash for concealing her nationality and cheating the IT department. To escape from paying tax on  £50,000 (approx Rs.26 lakhs) the prize money that she has won, Ash had claimed that she is a Non-Residential Indian and being an NRI her income is non-taxable.

Way back in 2000, when the IT department investigated the whole affair and checked her passport, they found that she is not NRI but an Indian and she was out of India only for 92 days as against 186 days claimed by her. She was to pay tax amount of approximately Rs. 14 lakhs then but now adding the interest, it went up to Rs.50 lakhs. Ash will have to pay the money incase the IT department wins the case.