Milenge Milenge release depends on Kareena

Producer Boney Kapoor must be regretting the moment he decided to cast Kareena Kapoor and Shahid in a film. Milenge Milenge has been into deep shit since it began filming way back in 2004. After some initial financial concern, Salman Khan, who was to make a cameo in it walked out after he had a verbal argument with Shahid Kapur. However now the release of the movie depends entirely on Kareena Kapoor

"Yes, now the release would depend entirely on when Kareena allots the dates to shoot the (promotional) music video. I've slotted the release for the last week of June or the first week of July," Boney Kapoor said.

"I'm hopeful that Bebo's portions of the music video and other publicity footage would be shot and ready. So yes, the release is now in Bebo's hands. Let's put this way. I don't want to put Bebo under any discomfort. She's a girl I've watched grow in front of my eyes and I'm very protective of her,"   Boney added.

Shahid Kapur shot the promotional music video for the film with choreographer Ahmed Khan on March 26. The track written by Sameer Anjaan and composed by Himesh Reshammiya is titled "Sab kuch khatam hokar bhi tere mere darmiyaan kuch to baqi hai..."

It's a marketing strategy to feature Shahid and Kareena separately in the promotional video. However, the fact of the matter is, Kareena for whatever reasons of her own, decided not to do any collaborative marketing of 'Milenge Milenge' with her ex-boyfriend.