Miffed Arjun Rampal stays out of 'Heroine'

Love and hate stories are nothing new in Bollywood. In fact it is the part and parcel of the life in tinsel town. The new entrants to join the fray is director Madhur Bhandarkar and actor Arjun Rampal.

The rumors were already doing the rounds that Arjun Rampal was not happy about the promotion and treatment of the movie ‘Heroine’. The actor felt his character in the movie was sidelined and was completely hidden in the promos. The discord grew so intense that the actor changed his hairstyle and looks even before the shooting of Heroine got concluded.

However, Madhur was quick to put all the controversies below the carpet. He laughed away the rumors and stated that all was well between him and the actor. For the time being the rumors were successfully silenced.

Rumors surfaced back during the promotional events of the movie ‘Heroine’. The lead actor of the movie was strangely absent from all the public relation events of the movie. It was Kareena alone who on her broad shoulders took up the responsibility of conducting the promo events for ‘Heroine’. Though she did an excellent job, it did look odd.

Arjun at present is in Istanbul. His absence is raising many doubts. Even Kareena was also asked about the absence of her hero in the film. The actress jokingly replied that the director Bhandarkar is the hero of the film.

A friend of Arjun Rampal defended the actor by saying “Arjun did go for a couple of promotional events. But the focus of the film is Kareena. After all it is titled Heroine. Very few questions came Arjun's way and they were mainly about his intimate scenes with Bebo. So he decided to stay out of it.”

Today is the birth day of the actress Kareena Kapoor as well and she is all set to celebrate it in style in London after all the hard works.

‘Heroine’ is a woman oriented movie and obviously it has more focus on Kareena but the trailers and promos of the movie also doesn’t mention even the presence of Arjun Rampal in the movie. It is something very odd. As the movie is all set to release in the theatres today, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

If the movie becomes a hit, the dispute between the actor and director might never come in the open again. As the saying goes “Nothing succeeds like success.” We shudder to think about the aftermath if the movie doesn’t do well in the box office.