MENTAL Will Now Be Called JAI HO

The official title for the upcoming movie of Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan which has been labeled as ‘Mental’ by the media without receiving any official confirmation and has spread virally all over the country has now been changed to ‘Jai Ho’. This information was conveyed by the film’s director and Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan himself.

Thus it can be trusted as the official title under which the film will be released. The makers have confirmed that the title of the Salman starrer will be ‘Jai Ho’ and that ‘Mental’ was only a working title, never meant to be spread the way it has. Few days back it was reported that Salman Khan was extremely annoyed when some of his die hard fans addressed him as mental when he happened to pass by them. No actor sitting at the pinnacle of his Bollywood career would want to be stereotyped into something as humiliating as mental, even if it comes from a fan as a mark of love and admiration.

Salman’s worst fear would come true if the title catches on and he has to live his life with the stigma. That could mean social death. This prompted Salman to urge his brother to change the title of the movie. Sohail acceded to his request and the title was immediately changed. The name ‘Jai Ho’ was decided upon to sound patriotic. Another reason could be that, since the movie is eyeing a Republic Day release, such a patriotic title might only accentuate the appeal of the movie.

‘Mental’ is a remake of the Telugu film ‘Stalin’. The original film had South sensation Chiranjeevi in its lead role. It is about the life of an army officer who decides to stand by civilians by being their vigilante and thus protect them from day to day problems they are faced with.

Salman fits the bill for the role after his experience playing a cop in the several movies in his entire career. Salman had played the role of the charismatic Chulbul Pandey in the ‘Dabangg’ series of movies. He was a cop in movies like ‘Garv’ and ‘Auzar’ too. He has even portrayed the role of an Army Officer in ‘Heroes’.

Mental has suffered several roadblocks in its making. The shooting got delayed due to various reasons. Sohail Khan is finally wrapping up the shooting and the film is certain to release in the month of January.