Memories from the making of Rock On

Rock On WallpaperWhile working on this high energy and strong emotion filled flick, the cast and crew have some surprising revelations on what went on behind the scenes.

To give the film and its characters authenticity, the actors underwent personalized training for their portrayal of the band ‘MAGIK’s’ members. Purab Kohli trained with Lindsay D'Mello on the drums, Arjun Rampal, with Chandresh from the band 'Dream out Loud'. Luke Kenny worked with Loy, while Farhan trained with Shankar for vocals and Ehsaan for rhythm guitar. Grueling for certain the training sessions were an experience every one of the band members holds dear. The results……..we’re told, the recording sessions were a treat to any music lover. With Javed Saheb, Shankar, Ehsaan , Loy and Farhan who sings most of the tracks coming together to create the MAGIKal music in Rock On!!

For those on the sets, the entire filming schedule was one big music fest. The film’s Director Abhishek Kapoor says, “Lunch breaks were the most memorable. Besides the cast, our DOP Jason West and the first AD both played the guitars. So, we used only 15 minutes out of our hour long break and the rest of the time we would have jam sessions.”

Watch out for Excel Production’s Rock On!! Releasing on Aug 29th and distributed world wide by Adlabs Films.

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