Memorable moments of Unforgettable tour in LA

Amitabh Bachchan in Los AngelesAbhishek Bachchan in full masti mood. Grooved in Singh Is Kinng and enthralled the audience. In spite of being a raw dancer, he has tried his level best to shake his leg like that of a professional dancer. Dressed in golden and black combination jacket, Abhishek rocked.   




Preity Zinta in Los AngelesPreity Zinta another bright face of the Unforgettable Tour who has saved the show from being shelved by joining the troupe at the eleventh hour looked extremely vivacious in golden shining attire and red blouse as she danced in some hit numbers.  





Madhuri Dixit in Los AngelesThe long wait is over with the entry of Madhuri Dixit. She dazzles with Aishwarya in Dola Re and hauled the entire venue. Madhuri in stone embedded white sari and Aishwarya in red decorated sari looked extremely stunning and sensuous.





Amitabh Bachchan in Los AngelesThe way Bollywood shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan shooked his body is mind-blowing. It seemed that he had returned to his early days of Deewar and Amar Akbar Anthony. Amitabh though unwell live up to the expectation of the audience and gave them what they desired.




Preity and Retiesh in Los AngelesPreity Zinta chilling out with Reitiesh Deshmuukh. Retiesh in white T-shirt and blue jeans looking cool while Preity in black attire looked hot. It seemed they had a gala time together. A lot unexpected is expected to happen at the Unforgettable Tour.





Aishwarya Bachchan in Los AngelesAsh practicing with full force to get her steps perfect as she is going to share the stage with an experienced and ace dancer Madhuri Dixit. She has many hit songs in her kitty and she is going to perform in those hit numbers.





Abhishek, Ash and Reitish in Los AngelesA light moment shared by Ash with hubby and Bollywood actor Reitish Deshmukh. It seemed that the members of the troupe are quite comfortable and enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. Imagine what image of Ash we would have received if in place of Retiesh, Vivek or Salman would be there.




Aishwarya and Madhuri in Los AngelesAsh and Madhuri’s moment of relaxation after some tiring practice session. They are practicing together as they are going to groove in Bollywood hit number Dola Re. They are having a gala time together.