Media laughs at Katrina

Katrina Kaif has taken a great challenge by accepting Prakash Jha’s political drama, ‘Rajneeti’ and what makes the role more taxing is her effort to speak in Hindi. 'Rajneeti' will shut the mouth of those who very often talk about her acting inability because the film will show more of her acting skill than Katrina as a glam doll. Prakash Jha to a very extent polished Kat’s toota-phoota Hindi and testing her efficiency over the language is the media. Media broke into laughter when Kat while answering their question in Hindi at a press conference stuck in the middle.

Cruel media insisted her to speak in Hindi when she was struggling to catch the right word. Wholly upset Katrina gave a tight reply to the media, “The problem is that I am talking in Hindi but you want to listen only in English”. Her strong answer quiets all.

Came in rescue of the actress was director Prakash Jha. Justifying Kat’s hold in the language, he said “It’s a different ballgame altogether in the recording studio where the actual Hindi expertise comes into picture. Katrina has done a fabulous job in the film. Beyond the film if she is comfortable speaking English in her personal life, I don’t sense any problem in that”.

Hindi or no Hindi, Kat has been ruling the heart of millions.