Massage Badmaashi with Shahid Kapur

Shahid Kapur’s ‘Badmaash Company’ has been shot in Bangkok and after a shoot the three young guys, namely, Shahid Kapur, Vir Das and Meiyang Chang, decided to just chill out.

As there are ample of massage parlors in Bangkok, the three decided to just go and get pampered by indulging in a relaxed massage therapy.

Though each one went into the individual enclosure to get pampered for a few hours, the funny part is that it was within minutes they came running out from their respective enclosures. What the three hadn’t bargained for was that it was a pleasure massage parlor. The three guys were embarrassed and blushing.  Each one had got the scare of their lives, their expressions said it all, and each one understood.

Considering that the three are the leading stars of ‘Badmaash Company’, there’s still a lot of badmaashi that the three have yet to learn about, such scary episodes can only happen to very naïve young individuals, and judging by this episode.