Mary Kom wants some romance in her biopic

Sanjay Leela Bhansali wants to immortalize five-time women's boxing world champion, won a bronze medal at the London Games Mary Kom’s life on celluloid. The film will obviously show her struggle, her sweat on the biopic but the boxing champion also wants some romance in her film.

"I hope they show some romance in the film," the 29-year-old told Reuters in a phone interview. "That's also important, right?"

Mother of twins, Mary Kom is married to Onler Kom, who is also her manager, and hopes director Omung Kumar depicts her well in the film.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is in search of the female lead that will play the great boxing champion well. "They will show my struggle and how difficult it was, but I don't know who will play me -- that is up to them," she said.

Mary Kom at first thought that Bhansali and Omung was joking but later she came to know that it is right, "At first, I thought he (Kumar) was joking but then he did some research around my village and spoke to people, so I knew he was serious," she said.

About playing herself in the movie, Kom said, "I cannot act, I can only box."

Bollywood filmmakers are always inspired by script based on sports, ‘Lagaan’, ‘Chak De!’ are the example.