Manyata Dutt undergoes surgery

Manyata Dutt was operated on Wednesday afternoon. She was diagnosed with lung infection and she was operated to remove the water from her lungs. The 37-year-old was admitted to Parel hospital on Tuesday.  Manyata was diagnosed with liver tumor and heart ailment. She was under medication of cardiologist Dr Ajay Chaughule of Global hospital. When contacted, Dr Chaughule only said that "Manyata Dutt is quite unwell", refusing to divulge any details about her health.

Hospital sources informed that Manyata had undergone several tests in these two days. "Until all the results are out, we cannot say anything about the final diagnosis,'' said a senior hospital official.

Actor and husband Sanjay Dutt who is out of jail on parole for a month has been with Manyata ever since she was admitted to hospital.

Sanjay Dutt is serving three years jail sentence after being convicted of possessing illegal arms in relation to March 12, 1993, Mumbai serial blasts. His leave application was granted and he was released on parole on December 21. Dutt applied for parole on the grounds of his wife's ill health.

Doctors at Global Hospital had revealed that Manyata had two health problems-cardiovascular disease and a tumour in her liver.

This is the third time Sanjay Dutt was granted leave from jail. In the first two cases, he was granted furlough on health ground and the third time he applied parole on the ground of wife’s poor health.  His lawyer said that Sanjay can seek an extension in case his wife's health does not become stable.