Manish Koirala’s marriage is over

Another Bollywood marriage has gone kaput. Ever since Manisha Koirala tied the knot with businessman Samrat Dahal in 2010, she has been making news for her troubled wedding. If we recall back, after marriage when Manisha came to India, she was spotted in a disturbed state.  Manisha Koirala’s troubled marriage hit the rock ever since the actress had posted on a social networking site about her unhappy state of mind. Manisha now spends most of her time in Mumbai with her friends.

"Manisha is in Mumbai and happy," revealed a friend of the actress. In fact, the couple took a decision to move separately couple of weeks back. "But Manisha still goes to Nepal. After all, her family lives there," said the friend and added, "Certain marriages work out, some don't. Manisha and Samrat have taken it in their stride."  However, Manisha was not at first ready to beak-up her marriage and she tried to make peace with Samrat Dahal but unfortunately things did not work. To get a peace of mind and to gather strength to cope with her troubled marriage and to make her marriage work again, she joined the Oneness University near Chennai in January but unfortunately, spirituality even failed to save their marriage.

Manisha is keen to be back in Bollywood and it is heard that she will resume her acting career soon.