Mamta Kulkarni denies role in drug racket, makes shocking disclosures

Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni, who blazed the silver screen during the 1990s, has finally opened up to a popular news channel after a 16-year-long hiatus and has made some shocking revelations.

The actress is named as one of the accused in the Rs 2,000 crore Thane drug haul, along with her partner Vijaygiri Goswami alias Vicky Goswami who is said to be a Kenya-based drug lord.

In an exclusive interview to ABP News, Mamta rubbished the allegations against her and Vicky husband, and denied their involvement in running a drug cartel in India, especially in the Thane region where the police had busted a huge drug racket in April this year.

The 44-year-old actress also spoke about her spiritual journey and why she quit Bollywood. She added that when one is tortured to admit something, it is not necessarily the truth. She and her God knows that they do not deal in drugs. And after she sought spiritualism, these allegations do not matter to her anymore.

Mamta said that she was never attracted by the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, but joined the film industry because her mother wanted her to become an actress. She said that she became a “victim” of her mother’s desires and has no regrets about leaving films.    

She also revealed that she is not married to Vicky and added that she has been seeking redemption and has turned a ‘yogini’ under the tutelage of her spiritual guru Chaitanya Gagangiri Nath. “When you meditate for 12 long years, you do not like any man touching you, even if its behind closed doors. Do you know how pure you become from inside? You do not want a man to touch you and there's nothing like sex!" she told the channel.  

Mamta has penned a book in which she has disclosed her life’s experiences and spiritual journey. The book is titled ‘Autobiography of a Yogini’.