Mallika, why do you expose so much?

<a href='//' title='Mallika Sherawat' class='article_display_tag' data-id='mallika-sherawat' id='article_tag_data_mallika-sherawat' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Mallika Sherawat</strong></a>In a recent interview, the sexpot of Bollywood was asked exactly this. 'Why is she known for her notorious darebare stunts rather than her acting skills?' If you are waiting to catch a nervous look, sweat pangs or anxiety, then sorry dahlings, you have the wrong address! The hotbod is one tough cookie, she didn't flinch one bit! Mallika is fire on both eye and ear. Here's what the saucy sprite had to say
“Filmmakers should get more imaginative with me”

“I think you should direct this question to the filmmakers of Bollywood” she shoots off. “If they have an iota of imagination to their credit, they will use me in a more creative manner and peel other aspects of me. On the contrary I believe that you don't need to expose to look hot!” she leaves us stumped and continues.

“But if you wish to be fair to me, you might want to remember that I played a tragic heroine in my debut film Khwahish, next you see me as a married woman in Murder and as a 'rookie-on-the-run' in Kis Kis Ki Kismat, that's a lot of variety in 2 years. Bachke Rehna Re Baba this year has me as a con artist. So you see; it isn't as bad as you think” the curvaceous kitten points out.

“Yes, I used my physical appeal to kickstart my career!”

“Besides, we live in times of instant gratification where you have to appeal to the audiences in the 15 minutes of fame that the camera grants you. Once you miss the bus, there is no point shedding tears” she feeds you showbiz gyan. “I agree that I did take the route of physical appeal to flagstart my career. But what you must also know is that a small town girl without a famous surname doesn't have too many choices, you see” she says, her frankspeak cushioning her all through.

"I am proud that people find me sexy!"

“Besides which, I am proud of the fact that people find me attractive and sexy. I don't see what's wrong with that. There are so many girls in films who are trying so hard to gift themselves a sexy crown, poor souls. And here audiences have publicly acknowledged that I am a physically appealing woman, I have no complaints” she smiles, steering clear.

“And most importantly, who are these people who seem to have a problem with my exposing? Men and women have thronged theatres to watch Murder taking it to a 100 day run. The generation of today is saying bye-bye to the moth-eaten moralities of the yesteryears. And I embrace that!” the firebrand hammers her point home.

Bhattsaab, your grooming is working big time!

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