Mallika Sherawat to act with Salma Hayek

The ‘Murder’ girl Mallika Sherawat has totally gone Hollywood. Bollywood might not have any script for her but Hollywood is immensely impressed with Mallika and she is flooded with offers. After starring in Hollywood flicks like ‘Hisss’ and ‘Love Barack’, Mallika is all set to work with international star Salma Hayek. Mallika and Hayek’s camaraderie started during Cannes film festival and Salma expressed her interest to work with her.

Confirming the news a source said, “Mallika may soon share screen space with Salma Hayek. Both the actress got friendly during the Cannes Film festival and had a chat about cinema. Salma Hayek was extremely impressed with Mallika’s film ‘Hisss’ and complimented her for it. Even after they returned to the US, they were in constant touch and arranged to meet each other for dinner few days back.”

When Salma narrated the script to Mallika, she was highly impressed. The film is women centric and Mallika will play the protagonist.

As for the movie, the source adds, “The movie in question deals with the abuse women face in various parts of the world. That is the basic gist of the script - it still needs to be worked on. Mallika has really liked the idea and would love to be a part of this film,” adds the source.”