Mahesh Bhatt lodges complaint about fake Facebook profile

The dark side of social networking once again came to the forefront when director-producer Mahesh Bhatt alleged that someone has created a fake profile in his name and is trying to cheat young actors. The director was recently told by several people that he has talked with them over Facebook and has promised them roles in his films. But the main eye opener was an aspiring actor from Kolkata who had packed his bags and was ready to come to Mumbai to meet Mahesh Bhatt.

Bhatt said, "A Kolkata resident called me and said he was coming to Mumbai and he had communicated with me on the networking site. Someone is misleading people using my name. The police should take action against the culprit." A Kolkata based journalist was informed by the boy about the supposed meeting with Mahesh Bhatt. The journalist who also knows Bhatt, suspected foul play and got in touch with the director to confirm the news.

Bhatt said, “The journalist who knows I never use social networking sites like Facebook except for Twitter, quickly called to check with me and said the boy, Rishim Banerjee, has even packed his bags for his trip to Mumbai. I was shocked and instantly asked him to warn Rishim and meanwhile got in touch with commissioner Rakesh Maria’s office on Monday. His assistant put me in touch with an officer from the cyber crime cell. These people are playing with people’s aspirations and have to be caught.” Mumbai police Rakesh Maria also confirmed the news through SMS. He said, “Yes, we are probing the matter.”  The director will be lodging a formal complaint with cyber cell police station on Wednesday.

While he is not on Facebook, Mahesh Bhatt is quite active on Twitter and is known to share his views. He is also followed by other celebs like Madhur Bhandarkar, Sudhir Mishra and Juhi Chawla. He later tweeted and warned people about the fake profile. Bhatt posted, “WARNING: Someone is running a fake Facebook account under my name and misleading people. I am reporting the matter to Mumbai Police.”  Later while talking to the media about the incident, Mahesh Bhatt said, “These are vulnerable young people from distant lands in the country whose desperate ambition to join the industry can make them easy prey for such frauds. I am doing my bit to prevent such pranks and fully trust the city police will perfectly probe the matter.”