Madhuri Dixit wants to make a fit comeback

The whole of bollywood and even her fans are excitedly waiting to see the 'dhak dhak' girl in her comeback film. Everybody wants to know whether Madhuri still has the magic and charm post marriage and motherhood. Today’s actresses are extremely savvy in their style, on screen get ups and even their fitness levels. So Madhuri who had recently put on a bit of weight is now undergoing some rigorous work out sessions to look her best and be her fittest. Madhuri will be making her comeback in a Yash Raj film to be directed by cinematographer Anil Mehta.
Currently Madhuri is in the US spending time and taking care of her family which includes two young kids. However Madhuri is also making sure she is ready to face the camera. She says “I have been working out regularly at my gym. I have a personal trainer and I want to get back into shape.” Mads also elaborates that she has cut down on food and is into yoga and weight training. Madhuri feels that her being a dancer will also help her shed weight faster.” She promises “I won’t disappoint my fans; they’ll get to see the same Madhuri Dixit once again.” Madhuri is also keeping herself up to date on what’s happening in bollywood, in terms of style, functioning etc. Madhuri is well aware that there definitely has been a change in the way bollywood functions in the past few years.

Madhuri is extremely happy that she will be making her comeback in bollywood in a Yash Raj film and says “No one can better Yashraj Productions when it comes to time management and professionalism. When I signed the film I was sure they would complete the film on time.” Madhuri is insistent on time and professionalism as she does not want to spend too much time away from her kids. In fact she has already made it clear to her producers that she will work for only limited number of hours. However Madhuri is equally excited about making her comeback now that her kids are a bit older and she can devote some time to work. The schedule of the film is slated to begin in the first week of January 2007 and Madhuri will be coming to India during the end of the year. Well here’s wishing Madhuri ‘All the best for her forthcoming film’ and hope she manages to re-capture the hearts of her fans with that beautiful smile.