Madhuri Dixit’s New Year morning

Madhuri Dixit, the dhak dhak girl is back in Mumbai city to make a comeback in the Hindi film industry. Mads has signed a film with one of the most prestigious production houses, Yash Raj Films for her return to bollywood. Her two young sons are also in the city with her. On New Years day, Madhuri was up at the crack of dawn and began her day with her usual jog at the Juhu Beach with a session of yoga later on. The fact that it was five am on New Year’s morning did not bother her at all and she seemed as fresh as ever even at that time of the day and all ready to sweat it out. Madhuri is busy getting back into shape for her film which will begin soon.

The actress is generally accompanied by her secretary Rikku Rakeshnath who also screens all her calls before putting them through to her. However Madhuri is perfectly satisfied with this arrangement as it saves her a lot of time which she would rather spend with her two kids. Madhuri’s New Year resolution is to look fit and her best for her forthcoming Yash Raj film. Madhuri looks like any young jogger in her black track suit and she is hardly even recognized or bothered by many fans while jogging on the beach. In fact she says “I am a morning person and I like to jog around this time because there are very few people around.” Madhuri is also extremely impressed with the cleaner and better look of Juhu beach. She is even grateful to MP Hema Malini who also played a part in initiating a clean up drive of the beach.

Madhuri has managed to maintain a healthy diet and even stay relatively fit even after having two kids and for this she gives credit to her husband Dr. Sriram Nene. Mads says “Ram being a doctor often suggests diet options for me and insists on my having a balanced diet. He believes in eating healthy food and sees to it that I never fast or starve.” However Madhuri is not obsessed with working out and toning up at the gym, in fact she claims “The idea of working out for me is a balanced act. I don’t think that by only working in a gym you can get a good body. You need to have a good mind to get a good body and outdoors is the best place to workout in. Yoga gives me stamina.” However neither does Madhuri aspire to have a body like any other actress as she merely aims to get back to the way she use to look earlier as she feels people like her the way she is.

Madhuri also feels that today’s actresses have to work very hard and are not given a chance to learn things; she says “Today actresses have to be well-groomed and perfect right at the outset. I think the industry has become ruthless, either you are perfect or you are out.” Madhuri feels that one should never skip the first meal of the day, which is breakfast as it is very important and provides energy to begin the day. Madhuri claims the secret to her healthy lifestyle is “having six small meals a day which works wonders for her.” Madhuri is happy to get back to films but she also wants to enjoy motherhood and hence she says “I have realized that I belong to this place and this industry and I will always work here. However family will also be my priority so I will work in only two films a year.”