Madhuri Dixit not on a film signing spree

The dhak dhak girl,Madhuri Dixit is back and is enjoying doing what she does best,acting.Madhuri is currently shooting for her comeback film with Yash Raj films in Aaja Nachaley,a dance musical.She has been working out and having a balanced diet and she has already lost oodles of weight and looks fabulous.Madhuri is trying her best to balance both her work as an actor and the responsibility of motherhood. She says "I've been very strict with my time,my kids.I'm here from 9-6 and after that I don't go anywhere as the rest of me is for them." It seems Madhuri is striving very hard to be the perfect mom.
Madhuri is happy that she is making her comeback with Yash Raj films as they have worked with actor mothers before and they are well aware of the responsibilities that go with it.But Madhuri feels that the approach in bollywood has changed a lot and she says "Things are so much different since the corporate world stepped in, today it's all planned,the lines,what we're going to do,how we are going yo publicise the film,etc.Everything's decided beforehand and it makes it so much more easier on the actor." However Madhuri feels that it is now also upto the actor to bring in that extra spontaneity and magic. Mads is glad that she is making her comeback in a dance musical as she loves dance,Madhuri says "Dance is a lot of things to me,it's very spiritual to begin with.You don't just dance with your body,you dance with your spirit.For me it's like an expression of everything I am."

Madhuri claims that both her kids love it here and she is relaxed while working because "They have both sets of grandparents,their cousins are here and I know they're well taken care of." Madhuri is also happy to meet all her old co-stars and friends who are exremely warm and friendly towards her. But Mads has decided to take it slow and has not gone on a film signing spree.She is extremely frank and says "I'm not promising I'm going to comeback and do five films a year.I get offers,but I'm picky.I'm just focussing on one thing at a time." Well all Madhuri's fans will soon get to see her in a film once more and we're sure they are anxious and eager to watch her perform on-screen once again.