Lovebirds Anushka, Virat’s jokes go viral on net

The poor performance of Virat Kohli in the ongoing cricket series in England and above all girlfriend and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma giving company to Virat in England has become a butt of jokes. Twitter is flooded with Anushka-Virat’s jokes and here are some for you.

@ashwinskumar  Anushka Sharma should threaten to redo her lips if Virat Kohli doesn't score in his next innings.

@SirJadeja  Virat Kohli has 3 ducks now.  2 in this match and Anushka Sharma.

@coolfunnytshirt  Sharapova: I know Anushka but who is Virat Kohli?
@justicearnab  Stories on Virat Kohli's innings in this Lord's Test are called Duck Tales.

 @SirJadeja  Anushka Sharma is turning out to be the Greg Chappel of Virat Kohli's career!

 @mohitraj  Why did Anushka Sharma came to England with Virat Kohli, when everybody know that Indian cricketers can't perform overseas.

 It is heard that Virat Kohli has taken permission from BCCI so that Anushka can visit him and stay with him in the same hotel.