Love just happens, says Ranbir

Ranbir and Deepika in Bachna Ae HaseenoLike all lovers, Ranbir Kapoor also carries the same feeling that love just happens. Though young in age, Ranbir is matured enough to understand any relationship and value its importance. He respects every form of relationship and finds himself lucky to discover true love at such a young age in the form of Deepika Padukone and he is quite happy about it. "Love just happens... but you have to work towards building the relationship. Give a lot and adjust", thinks the heartthrob of Bollywood.

Love blossomed when the duo starred in two different films and Yashraj has made the first attempt to catch their real love in reel. In Bachna Ae Haseeno, Deepika will be seen sharing her love with two beauties Bipasha Basu and Minnisha Lambha. Speaking about the film, Ranbir says, "It is a youth-oriented romantic comedy, which the young people will identify with. My character is a fun-loving boy and the film depicts his journey from a 17-year-old to a 30-year-old. The three girls who enter his life at different stages teach him about love and life."

Though Deepika has just stepped into Bollywood, she carries a desire in her heart to direct film someday.

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