Liz Hurley, Shame Warne lip-lock in public

After separating from Indian businessman Arun Nayar, actress Liz Hurley headed for a romantic holiday with her boyfriend, Shane Warne. They were spotted kissing in public.

The couple was on their upbeat mood, romancing like teenagers. The photograph of the two kissing in a car in Santa Monica has hit the net. The were spotted romancing around in a Range Rover

The 45 yr old tweeted about the romantic weekend, "I've been here on business, some of it monkey. A great weekend. Best in a long, long time".

Warne, 41, too tweeted about the LA holiday, "I was in LA last weekend. Had a great time and lots of fun. It's a fun city," Warne wrote on his Twitter page. Guests at the Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica stayed in the same hotel with the couple said, "They were behaving like love-struck teenagers. Liz was tickling Shane's chin and playing with her hair. Shane couldn't keep his eyes off her."