Lathi charge on Salman Khan's fan

They assembled to have a glimpse of their favorite star. But ended up being lathi charged.

Salman’s fans in Kanpur had a hard day. First they were informed that ‘Bhai’ is in town to shoot for ‘Dabangg 2’. Large number of people had gathered outside Bajaria police station, as the shooting was scheduled to take place there. However it turned out to be a hoax.

The mob was angered on the thought of being cheated and went on a violent rampage. They vandalized the police station. The police retaliated by using force. They lathi charged the fans and drove them out of there. ACP Bharat Singh said, "The crowd was standing there hoping that Salman Khan is coming. To control the crowd we had to resort to lathi charge. We have filed complaint against many.”

Earlier Salman’s brother, director-producer Arbazz Khan had camped in the city for the shoot. But citing security reasons decided to move the shoot to Lucknow.

Many are not happy with the incident and want an apology from Salman Khan. An angry fan said, “Is this the way to treat fans? I think Salman Khan should apologize, it all happened because of him, this isn't a first time right? He should have made necessary arrangements prior to his arrival.”

The original cast of Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha has been retained for the sequel. Meanwhile, the role of villain has gone from Sonu Sood to Prakash Raj. Abhinav Kashyap, the director of the first movie has made way for Arbaaz Khan. The movie went on the floors on March 9th at Kamilsithan Studios, Mumbai.

The rest of the movie is scheduled to be shot in Lucknow and parts of Kanpur. The shooting will take place in Lucknow between September 9th and 14th. The film has received necessary permission from the district authorities and Film Bandhu. Film Bandhu is an organization setup by the govt. of Uttar Pradesh to look into film development in the state.

The site where the film is scheduled to be shot in Lucknow are City Montessori School, LDA-Kanpur road, the bylanes of Qaiserbagh Baradari, lanes of Chowk, Pulwanwa Chowk, Mirza Mandi and Sadar Road near the Annexe.

There are reports that Kareena Kapoor may do an Item no. the movie. The movie has a song called ‘Seeti Baja Ke’. The song is being considered similar to ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ from the earlier movie.