Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle to sing together after 30 years

The legendary singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle have ruled Bollywood for decades with their melodious voice and unique style of singing. Now, the two sisters have come together for the new album titled ‘Mein Hawaa’. The last time these two legendary singers sung together was 30 years ago. It was the song ‘Mann kyon behka ri behka’ in the film ‘Utsav’, released in 1984.

The upcoming album is produced by LM Music which is the music brand of Lata, in collaboration with SaReGaMa HMV. The album is produced by Lata where Asha and Shaan have lent their voices.

Lata said, "It's a pleasure to come together with my sister again. We've sung many songs together and it's always a challenge to face the mic with her." Reminiscing about her last performance with her sister, Lata said, “The makers of Utsav explained to me what had to be done. I was singing for Rekha while Asha sang for her saheli played by Anooradha Patel.” Asked about the thirty year gap, she said, "The thing about the two of us coming together to sing is that we are very different singers. The music composer has to find the meeting-point. And this isn't easy." So, composing the song for this new album which would successfully accommodate two such divergent singing styles was not easy. This task has been achieved by Rohan Shah who is a new face in the music industry. Lata said, "My niece Rachna's brother-in-law Rohan Shah composed the number. Asha and Shaan sang it. So I decided my company LM Music along with SaReGaMa-HMV will produce the song." It remains to be seen how well the new composer has succeeded in his task of seamlessly blending two musical styles of the legends of Bollywood.

A strong buzz has already been created around this new album. Lata twitted, "Namaskar. I am very happy to share with you that my record label LM Music is set to launch a new album Mein Hawaa in which Asha Bhosle and Shaan have sung." She added, "The music has been composed by newcomer Rohan Shah and he has done a very good job. I hope that you all will love the album."

Lata and Asha have sung a number of duets together in the past. Music fans are waiting with eager expectation to hear them together after 30 years.