Lara on cover page of Marie Claire

Lara is on the cover page of latest issue of Marie Claire. "Nobody can do what I do" says Lara Dutta. It is in this issue, wherein, this 'confident and sassy frame' girl gives a lowdown of what makes her what she is today: a top contender to the Numero Uno spot. Bollywood diva also talks about her age and the reality check with that. "My 30s gave me a sense of liberation from my 20s, with all that angst and confusion." Lara said. "As you grow older, there are fewer people in your life who you can be yourself with, those you can cut the bullshit with." She also gets philosophical about life stating, "If I have to go, I have no qualms. I have lived a full life. I might take a sabbatical from comedy and flex some other muscles". Lara added.

On her love life status "My relationship is still a fledgling. Give me a chance to figure out my life." Lara disclosed.