Lara Dutta decided to release her fitness DVD

Just like other Bollywood divas, Lara Dutta is also conscious about her figure and she hits the gym regularly. That is why she is able to flaunt such a fabulous body and she has decided to release her fitness DVD like Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu.

“Today everyone is really professional. Even actors really work on themselves. Even when we were in London we would all invariably land up working out in the gym together. All of us were pretty fitness-conscious. We all died when Riteish took off his shirt because we didn’t know he was hiding a six-pack beneath” said Lara.  “It’s not just going to be limited to a fitness DVD, not just a workout video. I have always followed a certain lifestyle. The entire concept is to have a more rounded lifestyle. Fitness is not just limited to going to the gym. It is a more holistic view to good health. It’s more like adding quality to your life than just reducing weight and getting thin” added Lara.

Lara also commented on the alleged link up with the Tennis star Mahesh Bhupati. “I am telling this for the hundredth time, I am certainly not getting married anytime soon and by that I mean I haven’t even considered marriage. When I get married it will be a big affair and I will happily announce it to the whole world, but till then I would request people to let me be.” Lara concluded.