Kulraj – wow, what a charming presence!

Kulraj Kaur RandhawaKulraj Kaur Randhawa is the new sensation in town. She plays the title role in a new series on Zee TV, Kareena Kareena. Her presence in each and every episode of the show to be very charismatic. She has the ability to charm the audience with her brilliant performance. As a newcomer in the world of “small screen” she has
put a great impact on the viewers.

Kulraj plays a double role in the serial as Mrs. Kareena Sood and RJ Kareena. She gets into sticky situations ever so often but manages to get out of them by hook or crook. And her journey to handle her dual life is what the show is all about. Her acting is very spontaneous especially because she plays a bubbly character that faces every challenge that comes her way. People can easily relate to her because of the actuality of the show. It’s shown that stuff like this can actually happen unlike some other saas-bahu shows, which are absolutely unbelievable. Kulraj brings comedy with a kick. She is a major reason to why the show is a big hit (not that the story is not great but just because her performance is outstanding.)

Kulraj is a management graduate from Bangalore University. She also “did a short stint with Kishore Namit Kapoor. I am here in Mumbai for the last 18 months.”
When asked how she got the role in Kareena Kareena: “It sort of landed in my lap. Soon after my stint with Kapoor got over, I got a call for this role. It's not a Kkusum or Jassi type of role which are quite plastic, linear and straitjacketed I felt, and signed on right away.”

She says that she’s open to films but will stick to roles that people can watch with their families. She also adds, “I don't need to show my skin to prove that I can act.”

She claims that she’s not very outspoken because of her background but she’s not shy either.

Commenting on her personal life, she giggles, “I am single and happy. I am not mingling if that's what you're asking. I don't want to be written about in gossip columns.”

Well, we wish you all the success and hope you continue charming on screen, be it the small screen or the big screen. And try to stay out of sticky situations.