Krrish mania injures fan

Theaters were completely packed and tickets were all sold out till midweek for one of the most expensive and most awaited films of the year. Everyone seems to be raving about Krrish’s superhero’s antics onscreen. The special effects and the action sequences have been tremendously appreciated especially by kids. Hrithik has also claimed that he has performed some of the daredevilry stunts himself. Unfortunately a youth decided to follow in his superhero’s footsteps and faced some grave consequences.
A youth in Khanwa, a small town in Madhya Pradesh decided to ape the daredevilry stunts of superhero Krrish. While watching the film at Abhishek Cinema Hall, in a frenzy of excitement, the lad jumped off from a height attempting to fly like his superhero. Alas the boy was seriously disappointed when instead he fell to the ground and received some serious injuries. The boy is now in hospital and is being treated for a fractured leg.

While several people in the industry feel that the film producers should have been more responsible and should have incorporated a warning to little kids against such stunts, others feel that these are just stray incidents that some times occur. All said and done the police have decided to take action against the youth to prevent and deter others from attempting such acts. The police have decided to book the boy for attempted suicide after he recovers.

However director Rakesh Roshan and his team are busy basking in the glory of the initial response to their film. Director Rakesh is so happy with the opening of the film that he has already decided to make a sequel to Krrish. Distributors too have already expressed their wish to distribute the sequel to Krrish. A distributor of Yash Raj films said “We will definitely be associated with the sequel of the film and if it is made we will be happy to distribute it.” Rakesh Roshan too definitely has his sights set on a sequel to Krrish and he said, “After the success of Krrish, I will definitely make a sequel.”