Konkona, Ranvir travel by local train

Recently, Konkona Sen and beau Ranbir Shorey had a joyous travel in a local train from Churchgate to Goregaon to avoid traffic.

The actress talks about her chosen mode of transport on that day, "We took the train from Goregaon to Churchgate. My cousin Diya who's from Kolkata often stays with me when she's in town. This time around she got a bit hassled due to the city traffic. So we decided to take the local train and travel to town. When Ranvir heard about it he too decided to join us and give us company. It was good fun."

When asked if she was recognized by anyone, Konkona quips, "No, I am not the sort to get mobbed. Also, I was looking like a ragged doll that day so I doubt anyone would have recognised me. There were a couple of people who walked up to me and asked if I was Konkona. However, I feigned ignorance and told them I wasn't her. Others, I couldn't fool so easily so I gave them autographs and clicked some pictures."