Know how Ranbir, Deepika fell in love

Bachna Ae HaseenoIf you ask a romantic couple about their first date and the attire they worn on that special day, you will get an instant answer. No matter how old the special moment is, they exactly remember each and every moment of that romantic evening. Somewhat similar is the case of Bollywood’s sizzling couple Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Their relationship is five months old and they have shared with us some memorable and treasured moment of their life.

Deepika, Ranbir recalled how their common make-up man Dorris approached them and urged them to talk to each other. That’s when the couple talked for the first time and exchanged numbers. It was on February 23, 2008; Ranbir called up Deepika and asked her for an outing. Deepika in white ganji and white linen pants went for a lunch with Ranbir. Their lunch extended to coffee and then night show. They watched Mr Bean's Holiday at PVR Cinemas in Juhu.

Deepika still remember the ugly shoes that Ranbir wore on their first date. Hope Ranbir, Deepika glow in future too and they prove an ideal couple.